At ShapeTX, we’re harnessing the power of generative AI to create novel medicines that repair the genetic mutations causing diseases. We’re at the forefront of its potential to enable a new generation of therapies: programmable medicines.

ShapeTX CEO Francois Vigneault recently sat down with Dr. Moira Gunn, host of the NPR-syndicated Tech Nation radio show and professor at the University of San Francisco, to explore what this looks like in action. They delved into how AI will revolutionize drug discovery by helping scientists quickly develop treatments that are more effective and affordable.

Listen to their conversation to learn more about: 

  • How AI and RNA editing will evolve treatment for diseases that are caused by genetic mutations—like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s—and how the therapy can be specifically tailored to target responsible genes
  • How generative AI can upend the traditional drug discovery process, and its potential to significantly reduce the cost of drugs over time
  • Key differences between ShapeTX’s RNA editing, DNA editing with CRISPR, and the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
  • ShapeTX’s unique approach to deliver RNA therapies to the specific areas of the body where they are most needed, and how this method reduces harmful side effects
  • How RNA editing delivered by the harmless AAV virus continues to treat diseases caused by genetic mutations long after the “one and done” therapy is delivered