On May 16-20, the 26th American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) Annual Meeting will convene in Los Angeles, CA. We’re excited to announce that ShapeTX will showcase our programmable medicine platform, including with an industry-sponsored symposium: Advancing Programmable Medicine Through AAVidTM Capsid Engineering and TruStableTM Cell Line Manufacturing on Thursday, May 18 in Petree Hall D at 12:00-1:30 pm PT. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about our work!

Our co-founder and CEO, Francois Vigneault, PhD, will start the symposium with our vision for Programmable Medicine, followed by:

  • Seeing the Unseen: Applying AI to expand the potential of RNA editing with David Huss, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer 
  • Building a Needle in the Haystack: AI-driven AAV Engineering for Precise Delivery with Adrian Briggs, PhD, Vice President and Head of Platform Technology
  • Unlocking Gene Therapy Manufacturing: TruStable Cell Line for AAV Production with Ken Prentice, PhD, Vice President of Process & Product Development and Sandhya Pande, PhD, Associate Director in Process & Product Development
  • Q&A

We will also present new data in seven presentations from across our technology platforms, including RNAfix®, RNAswapTM, AAVid, and TruStable. The breadth of data we’ll present demonstrates our leadership in the field of gene therapy and highlights the arsenal of disruptive technologies we’ve built. By integrating massive parallel biological screens, advanced bioinformatics, and generative deep learning models with RNA technologies, we are accelerating drug discovery for previously untreatable diseases.

All our presentations are outlined below, and the full abstracts are available on the ASGCT meeting website. All times are in Pacific Time (PT). 

Wednesday, May 17  

  • Rational Engineering of Novel Synthetic Promoters for Specific AAV-Delivered GRN Expression in the CNS (Poster Session)
  • Generative Machine Learning Enables De Novo Guide RNA Design for Precise RNA Editing (Poster Session)

Thursday, May 18 

  • Long Read Sequencing of rAAV Vectors Illuminates Origins of Contaminating Genomic Species (Oral Abstract Session, 5:15 pm, Concourse Hall 150-151)
  • TruStableTM: A Fully Integrated Inducible Stable Producer Cell Line for AAV Manufacturing (Poster Session)

Saturday, May 20

  • Massive Diversity Capsid Screening and Machine Learning Identify Next-Generation AAV for Targeted Tissue Biodistribution (Oral Abstract Session, 8:00 am, Concourse Hall 150-151)
  • Novel Engineered U7 Small Nuclear RNA (snRNA) Scaffold Increases ADAR-Mediated Programmable RNA Base Editing (Oral Abstract Session, 8:00 am, Concourse Hall 152-153)
  • High Efficiency In Vivo RNA Editing in the CNS with AAV-Delivered ADAR gRNAs (Oral Abstract Session, 8:00 am, Room 515AB) 

Have questions or want to learn more? Get in touch with us!