The revolutionary mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 brought RNA onto the global stage and made this biological molecule a household word. Now the world is wondering: how might RNA technology change the future of medicine? 

While many people now associate RNA with vaccines and infectious disease, few may know that it also holds promise to repair the genetic cause of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other rare disorders. This is what we’re working on at ShapeTX.

Last month at the Progress Summit hosted by The Atlantic, ShapeTX CEO Francois Vigneault, joined Jane True, Vice President of mRNA Commercial Strategy & Innovation and Global Pandemic Security Lead at Pfizer, to speak with Deputy Editor Ross Andersen about how RNA technology works and how ShapeTX and others are applying it to address some of the most pressing issues in disease treatment, including malaria, Alzheimer’s and oncology. 

Watch the panel on How mRNA Technology Could Save the World and more discussions on today’s most exciting innovations and how we’re inventing our way to a better world.