For Principal Scientist Yiannis Savva, the development of new architectures for RNA therapies and understanding the structure of the universe are brought together through abstract art. Both require expertise and joy in discovery that drive the ground-breaking science at ShapeTX.

In this episode of the ShapeTX Employee Spotlight Video Series, Yiannis examines some of the smallest, most dynamic processes in our body and how they are reflected in the structure of our universe and the creation of abstract art. At ShapeTX, he drives development of groundbreaking therapies that harness the innate capabilities of our cells to precisely edit RNA as part of the RNAfix platform. Such rigorous science is driven by the same love of beauty and discovery that fuels art and compels us to look up at and consider the expanse and inner workings of the cosmos.
To learn more about the RNA technology that Yiannis is developing, check out our blog, ‘Building an RNA Toolbox.’